Sweet Dandelion

One is the linen

Two is the rose

Three is the treasures

Tokens of old

Four is the backfired punchlines

Measured up in grace

Shame, just shame they've all gone to waste


Five is the low key

Bold as the rain

Six is the troubled

Searching in pain

Seven is me when I hold you

Wishing it'll all go away

Shame, just a shame it's not how it plays


What of you

Sweet dandelion

You never walk astray

You never take a moment

Wishing it won't go away

Away sweet dandelion away


Eight is a heartbeat

Drawn in the sand

Nine is the broken

Making a stand

Ten is when nothing else matters

And anything goes

Shame, just a shame that's not how it shows


What of you...


One is your laughter

One is your eyes

One is one is your lips and

One is your smile

One is when I watch you sleeping

One is when I watch you wake

Shame, just a shame that one's all it takes


What of you...