Have you met the next door twins

They’re even weirder than you think

Living here forever

At their mother’s on the blink

Every now and then you’ll hear them

Scary screams and crooked laughs

Piles of junk stashed by their windows

Piles of junk stashed by the house


Have you come upon the voyeur 

On his spot right by the store

Always munching on his denture

Is he added to the lore

See him gaze upon the cars

That passes by him every day

Big coat and a will amazes

See him there in rain or snow


When your hopes begin to scatter

When the last of dreams are gone

When the safe is somehow turbulent

And it’s hard to see the sun

Put a small stone in your pocket

And then tell my while you’re here

If the fields were ever greener

Than you feared


Did you ever go outside

In the cover of the mighty night

Feel the silence and the dark here

By the time they close the street lights

If you never felt such quiet

You should notice how it seems

That there’re more than just the stars

On this ever starlit screen  


Save a blank page in your journal

Throw your savings in the pond

And you see its worth to mention

That your life and theirs move on

Walk the fields here in the winter

And then tell me if it feels

Like there’s more than just the stars

On this ever starlit screen.

Than you feared


When your hopes begin to scatter…