Johan and Rose

We were very few to see it

You turning in your grave

The marching band came running

Really way too late

You put your arms around her

And take the long road 'cause you can

This was never part of your plan


We were very few to notice

The drinks were running out

The candlelights were fading

Hanging on to doubt

The pirate took his downfall

No night for buccaneers

Every patchless eye would burst to tears


Johan and Rose

You climbed the fence and you fell down

And you're weary from a long day on the road

Johan and Rose


There was hardly any room here

But then you didn't need so much

The joker in his corner

Played his final flush

And everyone moved closer

Tried to keep you safe

No one thought it possible to leave this place


Johan and Rose...


So we gathered wood for fires

Though you were burning up

And in your eyes desires

Four eyes is enough

Sometimes things are hidden

That seem so plain to see

Johan took his Rose

And seized to be